Privacy and Policies for OPC 3 Month Supplement products
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Policies & Privacy

General policies:

  1. We use customers' personal information only for processing orders of the antioxidant products. Other than that, we keep the customer information strictly confidential. We do not sell or otherwise distribute customer database.
  2. The measuring cups for measuring water to dissolve isotonic OPC antioxidant powder are supplied for free as a courtesy. We are not responsible for any occasional damages of measuring cups during shipment.
  3. Orders are shipped in the next business day by USPS First Class Mail. The shipment usually takes 7 days.
  4. We charge a flat shipping fees of $6.00 for each order for US residents.
  5. Un-opened bottles may be returned within 3 weeks after a shipment is received.
  6. Contact us for particular issues with the products in any of 3 different ways: e-mail, phone call and mail. Satisfaction is guaranteed.
  7. The shipping fee is not refundable unless there is an issue with any of the products.
  8. E-mail us a request for any product return.
  9. Customers pay for the return shipment of any products.
  10. Refund within a week after we receive a product return.
  11. We increase and adjust the prices of the antioxidant products from time to time based on 3 factors - raw material prices, manufacture costs and retail marketing costs.
  12. California residents pay 7.50% state sales tax on the total amount before shipping fee.
  13. Customer pays for any re-shipment if he/she made errors on the shipping address, resulting in the shipment return.

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